“All Are (Really) Alike Unto God” – No Matter What

Dr. Marcus Martins, Professor of Religion at B.Y.U. Hawaii

BYU Television Lecture on Video

“There is no reason to put anybody down, there’s no reason to reject anyone. We can come together as one people, as one Zion. Because we live in the world in this pre-millennial stage, we have to grapple with complex issues that others may raise, but let’s use our influence for good. Let’s use the influence we have to teach others that it is wrong to put down our brothers and sisters, that no matter what one looks like, what nationality, what language we speak, no matter how much money we make, no matter what walk of life we belong to, we are all children of the same God, that the difference that exist among us here in income and in material comfort, those are man-made differences, those are not from the Lord.

I remember very clearly reading in the Pearl of Great Price, the experience that Enoch had when he saw the Lord crying–shedding tears of divine sorrow over the condition of the world (The Pearl of Great Price; Moses 7:28-29,33-40). Beautiful passage. I am sure that the Lord is still weeping when he sees the disparities that exist in the world and the lack of love that exist in the world.”