Anti-Racism Self Assessment

contributed by Karlie Alldredge

Here are 25 questions to help you personally decide how you think you’re doing with helping anti-racism succeed. If you haven’t had much of a chance yet these can also give you an idea of where you might feel comfortable starting and what you would like to work towards.  These are things that Christ did:

  • Have you ended your affiliation with and support for organizations that promote hate and racism? 
  • How do you feel about the amount of time and resources you put into rooting out racism?
  • If you know you should be doing more, what are ways that you can make more time for the cause?
  • Have you thoroughly studied past actions of political candidates to educate yourself before voting and do you vote and advocate for candidates who fight against racism? 
  • Have you written to your political leaders or those who have a large social influence on the contents of entertainment to have them advocate for anti-racist ideals?
  • Have you explored the rules in your local school systems concerning racism and how it’s dealt with? Do you vote for or help those who can reform those rules if needed?
  • Have you contributed time and/or money to institutions that root out racism?
  • Do you make a conscious effort to support the businesses run by minorities as well as other small businesses in your city, or various anti-racist companies all over the world instead of stores with racist tendencies?
  • Have you identified racism in institutions, social media campaigns, movies, tv shows, music,  advertisements, and the news? (For 64 examples of systemic racism in the United States cited with sources: Click here )
  • Have you openly and with kindness opposed racist comments made in your presence even if others were around? (Doctrine and Covenants 42:91 “And if any one offend openly, he or she shall be rebuked  openly,”)
  • Have you taken opportunities to look at your own life in retrospect to see what you may have done that is considered racist? Have you repaired past wrongs, forgiven yourself, and committed to do better?
  • Have you diligently searched for information that enhances your awareness and understanding of racism such as podcasts, books, online instruction, etc,?
  • Have you carved out time in your schedule to listen, learn and advocate?
  • Have you re-evaluated your knowledge and use of terms that could be thought of as harmful or demeaning? 
  • Have you changed the way you celebrate and decorate for holidays to ensure racism is not a part of them? Have you requested that more races be represented in the artwork in your meetinghouse or on bulletin boards?
  • Do you seek out opportunities to take a positive stand against racism in your communities?
  • Have you chosen an area of focus where you can passionately concentrate your efforts such as anti-racist art, media, organizing, teaching, advocating, etc.?
  • If you’re a parent or guardian, have you used multiple resources to teach your children about race relations early and as often as possible? (Annual Friend to Friend Broadcast for children all over the world – Click here)
  • Have you written down and practiced answers to possible gospel related questions or statements about race?
  • Have you started study groups in your ward on the subject of anti-racism?
  • Have you requested to teach a lesson, give a talk about anti-racism, or organized a stake devotional where the guest speaker coaches about anti-racism?
  • Have you provided anti-racist quotes from scriptures and General Authorities to your Bishop and Stake President so they have a resource to help those who need instruction or are struggling to feel they belong?
  • Have you visited another ward or branch even if you don’t speak the language they speak during their services?
  • Do you continually strive to learn about new cultures and/or learn new languages?
  • Have you expanded your social circle to be inclusive of all of God’s children and made greater efforts to view yourself as a citizen of the world