“Beyond Voting: Some Duties of the LDS Citizen”

Cheryll Lynn May

June 1976 Ensign

“But some members like to think that civic participation by Latter-day Saints in democratic countries is seldom appropriate. On what grounds do they arrive at such a conclusion? Some argue that since the world is presently engaged in the last tragic scenes of a drama which (as the Lord has revealed) must inevitably end in the destruction of all the kingdoms of men, it is hopeless to try to maintain (or restore) honesty, accountability, or effectiveness to one’s political system. Others maintain that the demands of active Church membership leave little time or energy for engaging in “active citizenship.” With the constant pressures of making a living, caring for a family, and almost daily Church responsibilities, how can one sandwich in participation in political activity such as delivering a petition or running a friend’s political campaign or seeking an office of civic or political service?

Despite these difficulties, latter-day prophets have indicated that neither the knowledge of future political collapse nor a full schedule of Church activities absolves the Latter-day Saint from the duty, at the proper time and place, of going beyond regular voting to more active levels of participation in the process of democratic government.”