“The Eternal Principal of Love”

Elder Hugo Montoya

October 2022 General Conference Address

“We are willing to help each other because we love each other, and my brother’s needs become my needs, and mine become his. No matter what language my brother speaks or what country he comes from, we love each other because we are brothers, children of the same Father.

…It is not enough to avoid being a stumbling block for others; it is not enough to notice the needy on the road and pass by. Let us take advantage of every opportunity to help our neighbor, even if it is the first and only time we meet him or her in this life. Why is love for God the first great commandment? I think it’s because of what He means to us. We are His children, He oversees our welfare, we are dependent on Him, and His love protects us. His plan includes agency; therefore, we will likely make some mistakes.

…We can sit back and wait for circumstances to change on their own, or we can look for and bring about new circumstances.

…When I hear the questions “Heavenly Father, are you really there? And do you hear and answer [every] child’s prayer?,” I like to answer: “He has been, He is, and He will always be there for you and me. I am His son, He is my Father, and I am learning to be a good father, as He is.””