Sister Michelle D. Craig

October 2022 General Conference Address

“I am learning that Heavenly Father is more interested in my growth as a disciple of Jesus Christ than He is with my comfort. I may not always want it to be that way—but it is!

Living in convenience does not bring power. The power we need to withstand the heat of our day is the Lord’s power, and His power flows through our covenants with Him. To lean in with our faith when facing strong headwinds—to sincerely strive each day to do what we covenanted with the Savior we would do, even and especially when we are tired, worried, and wrestling with troubling questions and issues—is to gradually receive His light, His strength, His love, His Spirit, His peace. The point of walking the covenant path is to approach the Savior. He is the point, not our perfect progress. It is not a race, and we must not compare our journey to others’. Even when we stumble, He is there. As disciples of Jesus Christ, we understand that faith in Him requires action—especially in hard times.

…The scriptures are filled with examples of men and women, disciples of Christ, who, when facing the impossible, simply acted—who got up in faith and walked. …I also want to say if the thought of taking action amid your pain feels impossible, please let your action be to reach out for help—to a friend, a family member, a Church leader, a professional. This can be a first step to hope.

…Jesus Christ was the perfect example of loving our Father with all His heart—of doing His will, regardless of the cost. I want to follow His example by doing the same. …He doesn’t see our lack as failure but rather as an opportunity to exercise faith and to grow. … Arm in arm with you, I want to stand with Him forever. Wholehearted.”